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Causes - usually toxicity in the intestines which create leaky gut which then means the auto-immune system attacks the stuff that has leaked into the body area and into the blood system... How do you reverse the damage?


How to remove the junk?


Graves Disease

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis



Rheumatiod Arthritis

Sjogren's Syndrome (often with RA)

General Checklist - 

Food As Medicine - You really are what you eat.  The molecules in the fod you eat actually tell your cells how to behave.  Nutrigenomics showsjust how connected to our diets are to our health.  Food is information, so when it enters the body it communicates on a cellular level.  It tells our bodies what to do as well as or better than medicine.  Blum, an immune sytem doctor, tells us that prescription drugs usually only work at about 50-60% effectiveness (Blum, 2013).  Genetics and individual biochemistry plays a part.  We will respond in different ways to food.  It is helpful if you examine your own response to foods the typically trigger the auto-immune system.  

Linsey had RA and she first removed gluten from her diet.  Within days she had no muscle pain and within 6 months, the tests showed she had no RA.

Inflamation - Points to activity:  The body responds to attck by creating inflamation.  If this goes on too long then the inflamatory chemicals interfere with the normal functioning of the body.  Eg. holding onto fat cells with high cortisol respoinse.  It can also damage blood vessel walls, and increases the risk of plaque, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and hypertension which would stimulate the immune system to produce more and more chemicals.

We need to figure our our own unique biochemistry and refrain from eating foods which cause inflamation for our system.  100 calaries from an apple is not the same as   100 calaries from a cookie.  The apple has nutrients that make your cells sparkle (quercetin which is anti-inflamatory and anti-allergy.  The cookie is loaded with sugar and fat - two things which set off a chian of events which are unhelpful for the system.

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